A festival of sound and vision
Art Gallery of New South Wales
22 Sep – 8 Oct 2023


Play the room


A festival of sound and vision
Art Gallery of New South Wales
22 Sep – 8 Oct 2023


Play the room

A person with long, black hair and light brown skin and looks up into the distance.

Black Belt Eagle Scout, photo: Nate Lemuel

A person with long dark hair and light skin sits in a chair with their eyes closed.

crys cole, photo: Fabio Lugaro

A long-exposure of a person with long black hair and light skin playing a pipe organ.

FUJI||||||||||TA, photo: Yuichiro Noda

A group of seven people sitting and standing with a backgammon set in between them.

Maissa Alameddine, Hamed Sadeghi and band, photo: Christopher Snee

A person with long blonde hair and light skin smiling.

Hilary Geddes, photo: April Josie

A person with short, black hair and goatee, thick-rimmed glasses and medium brown skin. They are smiling gently.

Jeff Parker

A person with light brown skin, a short goatee and glasses looks over their left shoulder with a thoughtful expression. Behind them are several autumn trees and a down pipe.

Joe Rainey, photo: David Guttenfelder

A person with light skin and short, curly dark brown hair and thick-rimmed glasses leans against a wall. Their lips are pursed and they look serious.

Kim Moyes, photo: Ben Sullivan

A person with medium brown skin and a light grey goatee sits with their hands pressed together. They have an even gaze.

Lonnie Holley, photo: David Raccuglia

A person with long black hair and light skin standing with their back to the camera. Their arms are outstretched, revealing the print of bird wings on their dress. The are standing next to a guzheng.

Mindy Meng Wang 王萌, photo: Nicole Reed

A person with short brown and white hair and light skin sits in front of a green painting. The are smiling.

Mount Eerie, photo: Indigo Free Paintings

Nine people standing in a row with serious expressions. Most of them have short, curly black hair and their skin tones range from light to dark brown.

Mourning [A] BLKstar, photo: Bobby Murphy

A person with long, brown hair piled on their head and light skin with one arm bent towards their chest and the other arm stretched out.

Naretha Williams, photo: Michelle Grace Hunder

A person with short, grey, curly hair and light skin wearing sunglasses. They have a hint of a smile.

Oren Ambarchi, photo: Traianos Pakiofakis

A person with straight black hair and a fringe and medium brown skin wearing an elaborate black gown is viewed from above, looking directly at you.

Sampa The Great, photo: Travys Owen

A person with their hands held in front of them at shoulder height, palms forward

Solange, photo: Ibrahem Hasan

A person with light skin and long brown hair stands in a black gown. They are gazing at you with a neutral expression.

Sonya Holowell, photo: Vsevolod Vlaskine

Two people sitting in a field at dusk. The person on the left has light skin, short hair, a moustache and glasses and gazes into the distance. The person on the right has long reddish hair and light skin and looks at you with their chin tilted up.

Sumn Conduit, photo: Phil Erbacher

A family of two adults and a young person standing in a cave. All three have their hands clasped together in front of their chests.


Play the room is an experiential live music series, featuring solo, duo and group performances in the Art Gallery’s North Building. This exciting evening program will see some of the world’s most acclaimed experimental artists exploring the unique acoustics of the underground Tank space with its extraordinary echo and reverb. Each night, two musical acts perform two unique sets ‘above and below’ in the Tank and in the Aqualand Atrium respectively.  

Following the first 7.30pm set by each artist, there will be a 1-hour intermission that will see both acts switch spaces to perform a second set at 9.30pm. During the intermission, audiences can experience commissioned scores from the Playback program, explore the North Building’s exhibitions, and enjoy bars and snacks, and outdoor projections from the Light and shadow program.

Black Belt Eagle Scout
crys cole
Hamed Sadeghi
Hilary Geddes
Jeff Parker
Joe Rainey
Kim Moyes
Lonnie Holley
Maissa Alameddine
Mindy Meng Wang 王萌
Mount Eerie
Mourning [A] BLKstar
Naretha Williams
Oren Ambarchi
Sampa The Great
Sonya Holowell
Sumn Conduit