5–21 July 2024

7–21 July

Every dull moment (EDM)

7–21 July

Every dull moment (EDM)

Every dull moment

Jonathan Zawada and Flume Every dull moment (EDM) 2024. © Jonathan Zawada and Flume. Photo: Jordan Munns

7–21 July
The Tank

Jonathan Zawada

Every dull moment (EDM) is a new commissioned work by visual artist Jonathan Zawada and musician Flume created especially for the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ monumental Tank space. This immersive digital art and music installation is built around Zawada and Flume’s experiences of performing and creating visual imagery for international music festivals that centre around EDM (‘electronic dance music’).

Every dull moment (EDM) embodies a constant state of reinvention and movement. Built around short visual, lighting and laser-based pieces with accompanying musical compositions, the work shifts between a series of 10-to-90-second sequences that are randomised and never repeating.

Riffing on the standard elements of an EDM festival – sonics, heady projections and mesmeric lighting and lasers – the work shifts perceptions by shrinking these moments into short and sharp packages, explosive and visceral.

Please note, there is no live performance associated with this event.

Date and time

Sunday 7 – Sunday 21 July 2024, except Thursday 18 July, check the schedule for session times


Art Gallery of New South Wales
Naala Badu, our north building
Lower level 4 , The Tank




This work includes fluctuating sound levels, at times has sudden lighting effects, laser and haze.

Visitor discretion is advised for those who may not be comfortable amidst an immersive, high-volume experience. Some of the lighting sequences will include flashing, flickering and patterned effects, as well as strobe effects. Smoke and haze effects will be used at certain times. 

Accessible seating will be available. 

Before you visit, please let us know your access requirements.